Jonna Luostari | Visual Artist

Tissimatka – A Boob Journey 2023

Documentary project of dealing with mastectomy

A Boob Journey is Jonna Luostari’s photographic documentary about Johanna “Pinksu” Marjomaa’s fight against breast cancer.

The work consists of video work, woodland portraits, diary quotes and a power portrait. Video work includes photography by Jonna Luostari, video posts from Johanna’s social media accounts and audio diary from January through July 2023.

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A short teaser of the project. Some viewers may find the material disturbing.

Dead Calm

Beautiful moment in an autumn morning at a lake.
No wind, and the lake is dead calm.

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Beauty lies in the details.
Beauty can be found, where there is corrosion or rot.
Always ongoing project of capturing what is seen as decomposing.

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Pictorial, Helsingin Sanomat 18.6.2017

I wrote and photographed a pictorial for Helsingin Sanomat about the last incandescent light bulb factory shutting it’s doors in Helsinki.

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